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2013 Recon Reports

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LIMVC Dec 3, 2013 Meeting – Started @ 7:10 pm 

·         Treasurers Report - Nothing changed - No deposits or credits.

·         Send Membership Roster to Rick Larsen for next year’s MVPA.

·         Rick made a motion to donate some money to the Vets that Dennis takes out for Thanksgiving Dinner.

·         There was a discussion about, what are people doing for the club.  Many good points were raised.  Why are people are not showing up for events?

·         A discussion about moving the meeting to a location on Pond Rd by the Air Port.  They would give us a key.  A motion was made to move to this location (Boots on the Ground).  A unanimous vote was taken to move the meeting.

         o   Boots on the Ground NY
         o   2184 Pond Road Unit A4
         o   Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

·         Peter Costas - donated an unwrapped toy to Boots at the meeting.

·         Next meeting - January 7th - Pizza Meeting at the new location.  A flyer will be mailed to all old members.

·         April 27 - St. Patrick's Church Car Show - Gates open at 8:00. 

      ·         Dues Paid:
         o   Fred Silversmith - 2014
         o   Elmer Musser - 2014
         o   Peter Costas - 2014
         o   Erik Larsen - 2014
         o   Rick Larsen - 2014            

·         Round Table

o   Rick Appio - Bad Clutch and now bad brakes Dennis - Is looking to sell everything.  Is getting tired of dealing with all the stuff.

o   Elmer - His truck is having engine troubles.  New tires are coming. 

o   Rick Larsen - towed a trailer to VT from NC. 

o   Fred - Needs a Master Brake Cylinder for the 151

o   Pete - His Jeep ran and ran to Pine Lawn and it would not restart, push started it and made it home

·         Meeting ended 8:30PM

Meeting April 2, 2013

Meeting February 5, 2013

  • Meeting was called to order @ 7:12 PM

  • Past Minutes were read and accepted.
  • Treasurers Report was read.
  • $150 for MVPA Insurance.
  • Peter Bugala's suggestion for a militaria/vehicle show was discussed.
                    Rick Appio suggested getting it on the President's Council .
                    Pete was not at the meeting - to give us an update.
  • Rick Larsen discussed trickle charging of batteries.
  • Tom has an M-37 tire and rim for sale.
  • Meeting Ended 8:00 PM

Meeting - January 8, 2013

  • Meeting got started at 7:10pm. 

  • Charlie Nelli - found a place for a Buffet Dinner - China Buffet on Dear Park Ave - 2 blocks North of the Souther State - $14.99 per person.

  • March 9th at 5:00 was decided for our Installation Dinner at China Buffet.
  • Treasuerers Report - was read.
                    $125 Insu - 6.25 members
                    $100 - Pizza Meetings twice.  - 10 members
                    $160 - Food for parades and trail rides - 8 members
                    $385 - 19.25 members
  • We only have a current membership of 10 paid members.
  • Dennis made a suggestion to maybe have a Car Show.  With Sponsorship done to sponsor the trophys. 
  • Pete Bugala propose maybe a tandom with maybe His American Legion Post and run a militaria show and split with his post.

  • End of Meeting