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2012 Recon Reports

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Meeting 12/4/2012


  • Meeting started at 7:10

  • September Meeting was the last meeting.  Hall was not open, guys talked in the parkinglot.

  • Expense of Flowers for Rick Appio's father.


  • Rick would like to make a motion to have a check cut for Dennis to help with the Thanksgiving Dinner.  Rick will cut a check equal to last year.

  • Yaphank Home December 23rd - Some car clubs might be going. 


  • Nassau Club only has 5 members going to meetings.

  • Rick would like to make a trip in Civilian Vehicles to West Point.


  • Dues are Due ($20.00) before December 31st.  7 members paid dues.

  • Need to find a new home for our brunch or a dinner.

Club Meeting 5/1/2012
  • Meeting started at 7:15

  • The club received at Certificate from the Suffolk Veterans for donations for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Yaphank Vets Home
  • The President arrived late.
  • Expenses - Paid for Domain registration for 2 years.
  • Treasurers report was read and accepted.
  • Upcoming parades:
                    5/19/2012 - see last meeting notes.  Ridge Parade
                    5/28/2012 - Plainview: 8:00 - line up.  Starts 10:00 contact Rick for info.
  • Old Bethpage Village - WWII reanactment.  5/19/2012
  • St Patrick's was a great show.  Weather was nice and the field was sold out.
  • May 20th - Flea Market at the old J&J caps site.Sunrise Highway - Barn Finds -  Now owned by Auction and Consignment place.
  • New member - Alex - he is an HF Radio fan.  Collects Military Radios.  Will be looking for a vehicle soon. 

  • Radio discussion went around for 15-20 minutes.  Between Rick and Alex.
  • Yaphank Vets Show is either June 3 or 10.

  • Conversation turned to (Broken) Antenae issues.
  • A motion was made to have elections for officers. 
                    President - Tom Stark
                    Vice president - Elmer Musser
                    Secretary - Erik Larsen
                    Treasurer - Rick Larsen

  • Erik will send an email to all members - and it will be a Pizza night.  Only paid members will be allowed to vote.

  • MVPA was brought up - no information has been received for insurance info. Discussion about membership and insurance.

Meeting 4/3/2012
  • Meeting Started at 7:10

  • 12 members in attendance.

  • Montauk Parade was very poorly attended by the public.  Parade was started earlier and public was missing.

  • The Rocky Point Parade was a great parade.  7 vehicles in attendance. Beads were being tossed to the public.  At several points the parade route was very constricted and the parade had to be stopped because vendors were standing in the middle of the road.

  • April 15, St. Patricks Church and School car show.  meet at the show by 7:45 to park in a good spot.  Bouncers for the kids, food, the Pickle guy.  All proceeds go to the school.

  • Meet at Dick's by the Smith Haven Mall.

  • April 29th, Jersey Show.

  • Next show is in Aberdeen.  May 12th.

  • We have been invited to do the Memorial Day Parade in Ridge.  It will be the on Saturday May 19th at 9:30 is line up.  from  Smith Road to the McDonald's,  it is only a couple of blocks long.  All marchers are invited to the Fire House after for eats Bagels and Stuff.

  • Medford Memorial Day Parade - May 28.  10:30 Line up at The Tremont Ave School. (Route 112 & Tremont Ave) Medford NY.

  • For Sale:  M416 - 1/4 ton Trailer - needs work (good sand blasting) - See Peter Bugala.  Comes with extra brake handles.  Tailgate work needed. Needs Brake Lights.  $400.

  • Peter Costas made a phone appearance from his recovery bed.  His double hip replacement was a success.

  • Rick Appio went to a Gun show in Lake Harmony  PA.  800+ Tables.

  • Meeting Ended - 8:35pm